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I work with agencies and direct clients to translate UK, US, Russian and Bulgarian law into Italian. Scroll down to see which I am specialised in.

Traduzioni italiano bulgaro


Are you an entrepreneur willing to start a business in Bulgaria? You can save your valuable time thanks to my consulting services. Learn more!

Traduzioni testi finanziari


When it comes to money, it's crucial to understand exactly what it is at stake. This is why people should have access to financial materials in their native language. Contact me to approach Italian investors in Italian!

I was extremely satisfied with Matteo’s work. He delivered within the deadline a ready-to-use translation that needed no further reviews. Thanks to him, I saved some invaluable time for myself and my team.
Ivan Tinev
ICDET Bulgaria


Translating contracts and agreements is the most common, yet insidious kind of task for translators. I am specialised in translating international and common law contracts. From English, Russian and Bulgarian into Italian. 

If you have business relations with Italian companies, you will inevitably have to translate lots of different company law texts such as BOD Minutes, audit report, financial statements, company details, articles of association, bylaws, etc.

I translate a wide array of pleadings such as claim form and particulars of claim, summon and complaints, defense, response, motion, counterclaim, letter rogatory, court decisions, court orders.

Nowadays it’s crucial to protect creative and industrial works through specific legal instruments such as patent, copyright, trademark, NDAs and utility model.

When the court has to decide on matters having international implications, a connecting factor must be adopted in order to choose the applicable law. Contact me if your legal text has international or cross-border implications.

It’s often easier to find an out-of-court settlement of any claim through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods. Contact me to translate your mediation, negotiation, collaborative practice or arbitration. From English, Russian, Bulgarian into Italian.  

Traduzione Giuridica


Traduzioni bulgaro italiano

I translate procedural guidelines, contracts, agreements, pleadings and correspondence with public bodies and other clients from Bulgarian into Italian.

I work with Bulgarian professionals who help me translating Italian and English texts into Bulgarian. 

The majority of Bulgarians do not speak other languages except their own native. Ask for professional linguistic help when it comes to going to the bank, the notary, the insurance company or the accountant in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Creating and registering a company in Bulgaria is quite easy, ma the linguistic barrier can turn out to be impassable. Rely on professionals who really know the language and the procedure! Contact me.

Going to a Bulgarian Tax Office to fill out a form? Contact me before getting there, you will lose a lot of valuable time without a professional who knows Bulgarian. 


A prospectus is a document which provides details about an investment offering to the public and helps investors to make informed investment decisions. That is why your prospectus should be translated in your possible investors’ native language.

Through financial statements companies present the financial performance at a point in time. Contact me to make your financial statements available for Italian investors.

Crypto is the future of finance. Contact me to translate your ICO, white paper, marketing materials, site, DEX and blockchain-based app. 

Traduzione finanziaria

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